Beardsley Regional Stormwater Detention

Beardsley Regional Stormwater Detention

The Beardsley Regional Stormwater Detention Facility for the City of Norwalk consists of mass grading and drainage improvements.

There are two permanent pool detention ponds including the following: approximately 174,100 cubic yards of excavation, impervious clay seal, hauling and spreading excess excavation of approximately 156,000 cubic yards on adjacent commercial properties, approximately 78 linear feet of 6-foot by 6-foot RCBC, 68 linear feet of 8-foot by 5-foot RCBC, 6 linear feet of 42-inch RCAP, 9 RCP culverts varying from 15-inch to 24-inch diameter in open cut with area intakes, 9 manhole adjustments, 6 spillway structures, outlet structure, excavation, backfill, gabion lined drainage swales, rip-rap, erosion stone, erosion control, surface restoration, mobilization, traffic control, and miscellaneous work including cleanup. Development of Turnberry Road connecting Highway 28 to Colonial Drive is also planned for April 2017.

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