A third-party survey in 2016 revealed that 100% of employees feel they have work/life balance. Most rewarding is the way they describe the culture: authentic, transparent, agile and fun.

Everyone has the freedom to cultivate their inner leaders and are entrusted to do the job they’re hired to do. The outcome for clients is simple and straightforward: DCI makes decisions that put people first.


DCI Group is always looking for new talent to fill current and future needs. If you wish to contact us, please send your letter of interest and resume to  info@dcigroup-us.com.



  • Garrett Arganbright

    Garrett Arganbright

    Project Engineer

  • Paige Brackett

    Paige Brackett

    Project Coordinator

  • Sam Brandt

    Sam Brandt

    Project Estimator

  • Nick Bruck

    Nick Bruck

    Senior Project Manager

  • Adam Byrne

    Adam Byrne

    Project Engineer

  • Adam Carper

    Adam Carper

    Senior Financial Controller

  • Chris Conn

    Chris Conn

    Senior Superintendent

  • Christopher Conn II

    Christopher Conn II

    Field Technician

  • Ben Gannon

    Ben Gannon

    Project Manager

  • Rob Greiner

    Rob Greiner

    Project Engineer

  • Tommy Hisler

    Tommy Hisler


  • David Hokel

    David Hokel

    Senior Superintendent

  • Tate Illg

    Tate Illg

    Project Engineer

  • Kelsey Johnson Eveland

    Kelsey Johnson Eveland

    Project Engineer

  • Trent Kain

    Trent Kain

    Project Superintendent

  • Casi Kalishek

    Casi Kalishek

    Project Manager

  • Tyler Kumm

    Tyler Kumm

    Project Manager

  • Janae Leo

    Janae Leo

    Office Administrator

  • Damian Mahlich

    Damian Mahlich

    Project Engineer

  • Michael Martin

    Michael Martin

    Project Engineer

  • Tracy Merkle

    Tracy Merkle

    Accounting Specialist

  • Geoff Miller

    Geoff Miller

    Senior Project Manager

  • David Pallasch

    David Pallasch

    Project Superintendent

  • Seth Riggs

    Seth Riggs

    MEP Systems Manager & Project Superintendent

  • Michael Steen

    Michael Steen

    Senior Project Manager

  • Jeff Thacker

    Jeff Thacker

    Senior Superintendent

  • Cole Van Ryswyk

    Cole Van Ryswyk

    Project Manager

  • Russell Whitney

    Russell Whitney