Transforming an idea into something tangible requires constructability knowledge and the capacity to bring people together with a multitude of skill sets.

DCI understands the essential role each outside partner plays in conscientiously managing costs, means and schedules. Only the most appropriate materials and plans are proposed so owners can make informed decisions with confidence. The result is a process with their best interests at heart. 

Whichever construction delivery method owners choose, DCI honors and respects the delicate balance owners must have to be part of the construction team while also balancing their day-to-day responsibilities and goals. Establishing the expectation and creating a setting where it becomes reality is a pillar of the DCI experience.

  • Pre-construction Consulting

    Diligence prior to construction identifies issues and maximizes the return on owners’ investments by saving time, money and energy. DCI guides owners through a broad range of potential obstacles during the planning stage when changes are significantly less expensive. Construction can be streamlined when the following are addressed early on:

    • Constructibility/Logistics Analysis

    • Architect/Engineer Procurement

    • Bond Referendum Assistance

    • Master Planning

    • Capital Improvement Planning

    • Building Condition Evaluations

    • Scheduling

    • Estimating

  • Construction Management

    Owners retain a construction manager (CM) to perform functions such as specifying project objectives and plans including scope, budget, schedule, performance requirements and selection of a team with varied skill sets. DCI offers two construction management (CM) delivery methods:

    • CM Agency (CMa): The CM is only contracted with the owner. The owner holds all subcontractor contracts and the CM serves as an extension of the owner’s staff and manages all the contracts. The owner takes financial responsibility for the project.
    • CM at Risk (CMr): The CM works directly with the owner, holds the subcontractor contracts and takes financial responsibility for the project.
    • Design-Build (D-B): One entity – the design-build team – works under a single contract with the project owner to provide design and construction services. One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion re-integrates the roles of designer and constructor.
  • Development

    Connections, negotiations, filings, and approvals are all facets of commercial construction development. Capabilities in these areas paired with DCI’s design + construction experience results in well-managed projects for owners renovating space or breaking ground for a new structure. Options include:

    • Turn-Key Infrastructure Development

    • Real Estate Assistance

    • Project Financing