“Listen” is the first word in our motto for a reason — it is essential for communication, collaboration and building relationships — and it’s the foundation for the Listen + Plan phase. This stage of a construction project is when you need someone on your side who understands your wants and needs. You need someone who knows the questions you have before you do and finds the answers. And that is what we will do as construction managers for you. This is where we cross the t’s and dot the i’s so all the beams fall into place.

Here are the services we can execute in this pre-construction phase:

  • Project financing
  • Bond referendum assistance
  • Commercial real estate development or site selection
  • Architect and engineer procurement
  • Master planning and design
  • Building conditions evaluations
  • Logistics analysis
  • Estimating
  • Project scheduling

Not sure if you need pre-construction management assistance? Let’s find out…

Do you have a location?

Do you need land to build on or space to renovate? If you have your location established, go ahead and move on to the next question because this box is checked. Otherwise, DCI can assist with your real estate needs. We have experience in purchasing land for commercial real estate development or leasing commercial building space.

We will listen to your needs and wants of a building space and how you intend to use it. We will identify and analyze all real estate options that fit the bill. And when we find the right one, we will help you seal the deal.

Are all your pre-construction to-dos covered?

When you’re ready to nail down plans for your project, we’re here to support you. We have the experience, connections and tools to make sure we have a master plan and are all working from the same blueprints.

  • Are the bones of the building in good shape? Our building condition and constructability evaluations help you decide.
  • What it’s going to look like? Will it be up to code? We procure architects and engineers to provide drawings, specifications and building code expertise.
  • Who will do the work? We line up the right contractors with the specialty skills your project needs.
  • When will each aspect of the job be done? Our detailed and precise scheduling keeps the project on track.
  • How much will the entire build cost? We provide clear estimates for the most accurate end cost.

Don’t need any of pre-construction management help?

Good for you! That means you’re likely in the Execute phase. Find out how we can help manage the hands-on, construction development portion of the build.



Let’s get the ball rolling.

From new construction builds to capital improvement projects — it all starts here with DCI Group. Make the call to us first and we’ll take care of the rest.