If you’re searching for a construction management company or general contractor, look no further, because we do it all and more. General contractor or construction manager — call us what you want. Just know this: We’re damn good at it. We go beyond what’s expected of construction management companies through our relationship-first approach.

What do we do?

For over a decade, DCI Group has partnered with commercial businesses, K-12 schools, healthcare companies, government entities and more to help manage new construction and renovation projects.

  • Architect and engineer procurement
  • Capital improvement planning
  • Project financing
  • Bond referendum assistance
  • Constructability and logistics analysis
  • Master planning
  • Turn-key infrastructure development
  • Building condition evaluations
  • Estimating and scheduling
  • Real estate assistance

DCI Group takes a different approach.

Our construction experts work diligently to vet and procure the right engineers, architects and subcontractors based on exactly what you need. This ensures you’re getting a custom, hand-picked team of experienced specialists to execute your projects, not a default one-size-fits-all crew. After we’ve compiled your A-team, we manage the process from start to finish — building plans, negotiations, filings, budgets, timelines, scheduling, material sourcing, on-site personnel support, safety, quality, logistics management and warranty submissions. All of it.

Why do our clients like us?

We work for you. Once you hire us, you can count on us to get to know every person on your team — we put relationships first because to us every project is personal. You can count on us to listen. Be it written or verbal discussions, you have our full attention. You can count on a clear plan from us before investing your time, energy and financial resources. You can count on seeing and hearing from us frequently with status updates as we execute the project with precision. You can count on having your expectations exceeded. You can also count on wanting to call us again for the next project — we’re still working with many of the clients we started with 10 years ago.

It’s up to you.

If you’re searching for a top-shelf, full-service construction management company, there’s only one call to make: DCI Group. We’ll make the rest of the calls after that. If you want your construction management expectations exceeded, it starts here.