Are you searching for a construction manager as an agent (CMa) or a construction manager at risk (CMR) for your next construction project? Or maybe you’re looking for a construction manager to complete a design-build (D-B) project. If you’re not sure what you need, that’s okay too — we can help you figure it out. The important thing we want to get across is this: No matter what type of construction manager relationship you need, we have your back from the start.

Here are some of the universal services we execute with all types of construction management agreements:

  • Project plan and reporting
  • Project management control system
  • Value and constructability analyses
  • Bid phase administration
  • Safety, quality and logistics management
  • Construction and project scheduling
  • Budget and cost control during construction
  • Site management
  • Turnover and closeout

Who needs a CM Agency (CMa)?

This type of construction management relationship is typically for public project owners — think schools, government buildings, detention facilities, etc. As a CMa, DCI performs the role of an advisor by acting as a representative of the project owner. A CMa exclusively serves the interest of the owner and helps the owner make critical decisions regarding the project. In this role, the CMa does not take on any contractor risk yet manages it between the owner and constructor.

Who needs a CM at Risk (CMr)?

CMr relationships are usually for our private business clients. In this construction management situation, DCI holds all the financial liability and contracts, which is where the “at risk” comes from (don’t worry, we can handle it just fine).

Construction Manager At Risk vs Construction Agency

Who needs a Design-Build (D-B) construction manager?

If you want a one-stop solution for the entire construction process, a Design-Build relationship with DCI Group is right for you. DCI can work with architects, engineers and additional partners to design and construct your project. One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion.