Clive Public Safety Facility

The project scope includes a new  44,818 square foot public safety facility for the City of Clive.

The building will services for the Fire Department, Police Department, EMS for the City of Clive..  For the fire department, the project will include sleeping quarters, open office spaces, personal offices, conference rooms, training rooms, dining, and an apparatus bay with mezzanine for training, and vehicle storage.  For the police department, the project will include police garage, storage, booking, armory, offices, forensics, training, and squad parking.  This project incorporates a number of sustainable strategies to promote energy savings and reduce facility life cycle costs.  Some of these strategies includes solar panels  to reduce energy costs and bioretention cells for stormwater management.  Construction is anticipated to start in October of 2020 and complete October 2021.

Clive, Iowa

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