Iowa Veteran’s Home New Laundry Facility

The project consisted of construction of a new pre-engineered metal building and underground tunnel connection to existing construction.

Partial demolition of the existing laundry facility and decommissioning of existing laundry equipment was completed. Installation of new state of the art laundry equipment (ETech, Milner, Chicago) was installed in the new facility. Site work included existing and new utilities, road removal and new pavement as well as all associated, electrical, mechanical, technology and architectural work required. 

Building consists of a large production area where all dirty linens come in and go through an intense full automatic cycle consisting of washing, drying, ironing, etc…
Upper Mezzanine: IVH staff offices, mechanical rooms, break room, main entry Lower Mezzanine: Restrooms, tunnel connection, sewing and storage areas
Production: All Laundry Process gets competed in this area.

Department of Administrative Services ~ Iowa Veterans Home, Marshalltown, Iowa

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