Principal 801 Grand

The Principal Financial Group 801 Grand renovation is underway consisting of approximately 300,000 SF of renovation work completed over four phases.

The renovation work includes 17 floors of extensive interior demolition and the build back of corporate office space, conference centers, and client centers. Major revisions and improvements to mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems were completed as well. The 801 Grand building is the tallest high rise in Iowa consisting of 42 floors. DCI Group has managed work in the building from the basement levels to the 42nd floor over the last 5 years. The building is not only occupied by PFG business units, but multiple floors in the building are leased Class A tenants with high demands of not interrupting business operations. The entire project is being completed while maintaining occupied conditions with business operations going uninterrupted. The project is slated for completion in July of 2016 and is currently on schedule and on budget.

Principal Financial Group ~ 801 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa

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