655 8th Street Renovations

655 8th St. is an 11-story approximately 400,000 SF office building that includes a cafeteria, indoor parking, and a locker room facility with two basketball courts.

The project involves a comprehensive renovation of all open office floors, including the complete demolition of restrooms and interior finishes. New restrooms were added to each floor, along with the installation of a kitchenette, mechanical upgrades, and new conference rooms. The locker rooms and fitness area were refreshed with new ceilings and carpet, and the basketball courts were refinished. One of the challenges faced in this project was addressing the stack effect in the high-rise building, which significantly impacted efficiency. To overcome this, collaboration with mechanical partners was essential to modify fan sequences and mechanical systems. Exploratory holes were cut in exterior walls to assess insulation conditions, and successful mitigation measures were implemented, resulting in the building achieving positive pressure.


Another challenge involved relocating the cafeteria from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor, allowing the 3rd floor to be converted into open office space to match the other floors. This activation of the first floor provides PFG employees with an opportunity to enjoy the atrium space and the newly renovated plaza. The relocation also optimizes the use of space, enabling PFG to accommodate more employees in the building.

Principal Financial Group ~ 655 8th Street, Des Moines, Iowa

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