711 High Street Renovations

The Principal Financial Group 711 High Street involves approximately 475,000 SF of renovation work.

It began in May of 2015 and was completed in mid-2017. The renovation work included 7 floors of extensive interior demolition and the build back of corporate office, conference centers, wellness, atrium, auditorium, pavilion, and cafe. The work also included major revisions and improvements to mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, exterior façade, roof replacement and a new skywalk connection across High Street. The 711 High St. building was built in three additions- 1939, 1959 and 1976. This was the only project on the PFG campus that was vacated during construction, as this building was taken back to the bones and rebuilt.


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Principal Financial Group ~ 711 High Street, Des Moines, Iowa

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