Warren County Justice Center

The project location is on the City Square in Indianola.

The project scope included complete building/site demolition on the former courthouse facility and grounds. The former stormwater infrastructure that ran through the City Square was re-routed in preparation of the new Justice Center. The new Justice Center provides services for the County Attorney, County Sheriff, County Emergency Management, County Jail, and court services for District Court 5 of Iowa’s Judicial Branch. The building provides office spaces, four courtrooms, a commercial kitchen, housing for at least 80 inmates, and several shell spaces for future build-out. The Justice Center is an 84,000 SF building consisting of a full basement, with two floors above. The building project materials include concrete, structural steel, masonry, metal studs, drywall, full fire protection, prefabricated steel detention cell modules, aluminum framing and glazing, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems. With the new construction encompassing a much larger footprint than the former facility site logistics planning was critical as related to the project schedule as well as coordination with the adjacent city business’ and events on the Square. One unique feature with the new construction is that the building foundation is supported on aggregate piers to offset the poor existing soil properties. Another is the underground vehicular sally port which provides the County Sheriff a secure and safe environment for deputies and those in custody.

Warren County ~ Indianola, Iowa

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